A Collection of Packaging Products for Diverse Applications



This pallet pack concept design was created for a big-box retailer and incorporates a DST and HSC combo. We are well versed in the specification demands and requirements of all the major retailers.

The box pictured above is receiving a stitched glue tab, which is one of the many options available to our firm when designing a custom package. We have sources to have boxes stitched, glued, taped, and anything else that can be imagined

The floor display pictured here was put together for one of the major baby retailers in order to entice more clients to make an impulse buy at the register level.

This ladder pack is also destined for a big-box retailer. Both the pallet and box were designed to best cube out a truck for transportation savings.

Floor display shown was for a project to display six and eight-foot folding tables destined for retail channels. TRP is well versed in coming up with out-of-the-box solutions for your packaging requirements.

No project is too small or too large. Total Resource Packaging Inc. is dedicated to solid solutions you can count on in a short amount of time.


Pictures of our affiliate’s expansive inventory of foam. TRP Inc. can offer a gamut of materials and substrates including polyethylene (open and closed cell), polyurethanes including ethers and esters, antistatic, static dissipative, and many more.

This project included matching a PMS color for a retail application. TRP Inc. can accomplish most any task and deliver a quality product with repeatability.

Adhesion methods available, including heat sealing of polyethylene, hot melt adhesion, cold glue adhesion, PSA adhesion, flame laminating, and adhesive drum adhesion.

Stock levels are always maintained and TRP Inc. excels in a JIT environment.

This project called for compression cutting of foam for a retail application. TRP Inc. has affiliates with capabilities including: die cutting, water jetting, compression cutting, contour cutting, hot wiring, and much more.

Each affiliate TRP Inc. works with is a top-tier supplier in the industry. Accreditations such as ISO certification, Disney certified, and industry awards are subject to examination prior to the partnership.

TRP Inc. and its affiliates have manufacturing capabilities that span well beyond the local markets, making it possible to examine multiple location bids. TRP and its affiliates also have an impressive amount of space and manpower in the Tijuana market.

Since TRP Inc. has positioned itself as both the manufacturer and distributor, there is an ability to service both large conglomerates and small businesses as one and the same.


This simple softwood pallet was designed to utilize the least amount of lumber while safely transporting an irregular load cross country. Our staff can analyze your current packaging to safely remove excess cost while maintaining a stable package.

Our wood packaging affiliates have highly automated equipment and excel in producing large quantities of units in a short amount of time. This includes pallets, cut stock, groove stock, and many other applications.

Total Resource Packaging Inc. has the skill sets to help you out with international shipments and our firm is well versed when it comes to ISPM 15 requirements. We can suggest the right material to get the product safely through customs.

Plywood pallets, floating wood pallets, and crates are all items which can be sourced and produced to individual specifications. Give us a call and let us know how we can be of service.

Transportation and on-time delivery are a prerequisite for Total resource Packaging Inc. The fleet of trucks can handle deliveries south of the border to San Francisco if required.

Used pallets, as well as new pallets, are a specialty of TRP Inc. Give us a shot to fulfill your requirements and you’ll be glad you invested the time.

TRP Inc. prides itself on the quality of the product which it sells and distributes. All affiliate firms we partnered with have stable workforces and long term employees which reinforces our repeatability requirement.

Through TRP’s unique relationships, no requirement is too large. We have the ability to bring in lumber “train car” direct as well as ship pallets completed by the same rail spur.

The marriage of corrugated and wood substrates create this light weight yet stable base, upon which the product can safely be moved.

The yards we contract with are fully integrated re-saw houses which take and process dimensional lumber into the specific requirement of the client. Additionally, these yards carry their own heat treat certification stamp ensuring all certification is done in house.

POP Displays

The pallet display pictured above was designed for a client looking to do a promo at one of the major retailers. This sample was created from a sketch drawn at the client meeting, the sample was completed and CAD’s created within a one week period.

Showing a vibrant blue, this display was also created via sketch in front of the client. This display uses multiple processes to give it a value-added appeal at a minimal cost.

The project pictured here was for another retailer looking for a full aisle display. After a review of space requirements, this 4 quadrant display was created in order to shop from both sides.

The counter display shown incorporates a gravity feed design. Pallet, floor, counter, and rack displays are all options that can be tailored around the customer requirements.

The combo display shown here incorporates both a dump bin and floor display in one. This display, marketed to small retailers, is stable and built to be permanent and refillable.

Large bulky product displays are also not a problem. TRP’s affiliates have the tools available to tackle any project no matter what the size or weight.

Poly Bags

This picture illustrates the extrusion process of raw polyethylene pellets. Because of our unique relationships, we are able to offer our customers even the hardest to find requirements.

Materials available through TRP Inc. include but are not limited to: LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, blended, UVI, FDA approved, EVA, laminates, photo black, tinted, print registered and un-registered, line screen printed, process printed, and many more options.

This picture represents one of the many facilities we contract with. Quality procedures and processes are monitored prior to affiliation.

This HDPE/LDPE blended tubing is headed down the line for finish work. Bags can be finished with the following: bags in a case, bags on a roll, wicketed bags, die-cut handles, perforations, zip lock, vented, and many other styles.

This line is running a 1” tubing and will later be converted to a 1 x 2” bag. TRP Inc. prides itself in knowing the right facility to best produce your requirements at a competitive price.

Most of the affiliates doing business with TRP Inc. are local and take pride in producing a quality product originated and finished in the USA.


This picture illustrates some of the 55-gallon poly drums that TRP Inc. stocks on the floor based on our clients’ requirements. Some of the styles we provide in poly drums include: black poly, blue poly, vented, unvented, and range in volume of 10 gallons to 55 gallons.

Have a specific product you are trying to package? Not sure what the best drum is for your application? Give TRP Inc. an opportunity to be of service. We are well versed in hazmat packaging and what package is required to keep your product, employees, and company safe.

The logistics of drums can be a real pain. Most manufacturers of drums are production driven and somehow forget about the customer in the process. TRP Inc. excels in putting value back into the process. Whether your operations call for drums to be palletized, sterilized, dust-free, on a specific returnable pallet, or any other requirement, allow us to design a solution that allows you to focus on production and not packaging.

Total Resource Packaging Inc. carries a full selection of fibre drums, on the floor, for immediate shipment. We also carry the closure tapes necessary to complete a package per UN4G hazmat regulations.

Some drum applications are not critical and the price is the motivating factor for packaging. TRP Inc. has these clients covered as well, offering non-critical drums and reconditioned drums in fibre, metal, and poly substrates and varying closure systems to meet your specific need.

Willing to investigate a better container that what you are currently using? Want to cut down on the packaging footprint in your facility? Consider giving TRP Inc. an opportunity to provide a better solution. Nestable drums have started to take hold in the drum market and may be the solution your firm is searching for.