Outside the Box Packaging Solutions

Specializing in the critical packaging sectors of: Medical, Graphic, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Environmentally Friendly, and Custom Industrial

Outside the Box Packaging Solutions

Top-Grade Drums, Pallets, Wraps, and Other Container Products

A Trusted Packaging Manufacturer and Distributor

Total Resource Packaging Inc. can offer any client, large or small, a customized solution in today’s evolving packaging market. We offer a wide range of “client-specific” products and services suitable to what your business requires to flourish.

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About Us

Headquartered in Orange County, California, Total Resource Packaging Inc. was founded in 2005 by Joel Sugg. We began as a “mill direct” representative firm that specialized in heavy industrial and critical packaging sectors. TRP Inc. has since evolved into a “service first” full line distributor, while still maintaining a direct relationship with some of the biggest mills in the country.

Our Mission

TRP Inc.’s mission is to deliver outside the box solutions in the areas of structural design, product protection, material efficiency, customized service programs, and competitive market pricing.

Market Challenges

TRP Inc. recognizes that today’s corporations have a desire to buy at the most competitive prices, yet do not want to budget excessive human resource hours in order to manage these vendors for each product. TRP Inc. has already done this research work and we are eager to implement a program that consolidates vendors and saves the valuable labor hours critical to your firm’s success. Consolidating vendors equates to decreased time required for: Purchase Orders, Receiving, Inventory Management, Accounts Payable, Project Design and Packaging Compliance.

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What Makes Us Different

TRP Inc. has positioned our efforts in the following areas. By having an emphasized focus on the following service categories, we feel our clients get the most value for each and every dollar spent:

  • Exemplary Service
  • Extraordinary Designs
  • Market Competitive Pricing on Multiple Products
  • Quality Consistency
  • Vendor Consolidation
  • Repeatability

Delivering Value

As our firm evolved, we have transitioned into a fusion of a manufacturer’s representative and distributor. We found the right blend in today’s economy to deliver value to large or small companies. 


Establishing Collaborative Solutions

To be more effective, we work in partnership with a client in analyzing overall costs and goals. We also provide a blueprint to reach those goals outlined.

Distribution Arm

Many corporations in the United States utilize full-line distributors for their ability to package a program, which fulfills their requirements through one vendor source. We understand this fundamental need and go to great lengths in providing an unparalleled experience.


Packaging Experts

By leveraging our industry knowledge and experience, we have amassed a solid base of affiliates and have distributed a gamut of products. We act as a packaging consortium to our clients and aggressively test the market to keep costs to a minimum.

Custom Programs

Warehousing, split shipment, consignment, and many other programs are often implemented to address specific customer requests. As business partners, we help you in finding space within your current plant footprint, conserving funds for cash flow, or increasing inventory turns.

Cost Analysis Studies

Through cost analysis studies, we are able to demonstrate the added value that our firm creates, which comes at little to no cost to our clients. This cost offset is due to our relatively low overhead, streamlined management approach, and truck operations.

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Manufacturing Representation Arm

Some firms have little space requirements and primarily purchase fewer items in higher quantities. These types of companies usually have locked into what they want and are looking for a direct source.

Cost-Effective Selling

Although there are many cases where a distributor still adds value, we can sell on a direct basis as well. In doing so, one additional link is removed to make a smaller supply chain and save costs.

Sales Options

Many of the products and services solicited can be sold through either the sales channel. It would be our pleasure to review both options and present, which would most benefit your firm.